Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No I Did Not!


These are my roommates: 

I was not told that if I did not post a loving blog about them that I would no longer be referred to as the elephant in the room.  

I was also not promised that if I posted a picture of my roommates that they would no longer hunt me down with highlighters and not let me into the bathroom. 

And opposed to whatever the hell my roommates say, i did NOT pee myself. ever. 

Finally, this is by NO means a hate message. Just a loving note about 3 ladies I live with (only 8 more months. oh darn.)



Katie Kremer said...

I am not offended by this message.

catherinecarmen said...

wait...so you really did pee your pants? gross.

kara said...

i wasnt even there... you are just throwing me into the mess that you all created.
nicole, not cool.